01 February 2011

Happy Birthday Tucker!

Oh my Tuck Tuck,

Could it possibly be that you are turning 4 today?! Is it really true that you were born FOUR years ago?! I think not. There is no way that my baby boy is now longer a baby.
I can not even begin to tell you have you have blessed our family. You are a fire-cracker and afraid of doing nothing. You love your big brother and want nothing more than to follow him and do what he does. Sometimes that ends in complete meltdown but most of the time you and Tyson play together magnificently. 
You are the apple of my eye. Not only do you look like me but you have my hot temper. Your daddy is your hero and I hope he always is.
You desperately want a baby sibling (sorry, NOT gonna happen) and love to dote on your younger cousins or any other baby for that matter.
Cars, tools and legos dominate you life right now as well as running around in your skivvies.
You are finally potty-trained and love to show us the fruits of your labor. 
What a magical 4 years it has been. Our family would not be complete without you.
We love you more everyday!
Happy 4th birthday Tucker!