20 February 2011

This and That

I have so many pictures from different things that we have been doing but I'll save those for later. :)

My fantastical, cutie-patutie friend JW had her oh, so precious baby boy Friday night. I get to meet him and squeeze him tomorrow. SO.EXCITED.

We went to another friend's house yesterday to celebrate her son's 6th birthday. Tyson and Tucker came home wanted to get a pet snake. That's right, the party included The Reptile Man complete with 12 or so snakes (including his 12 foot, 100 pound albino Burmese python) and a few lizards. I spent most of his show-and-tell time hunkered behinde Stuart lest a snake get loose and slither over to me. EEEEEKKKKKK!

My friend Amy from HS posted a link about twins sisters that we went to high school with (and I also went to middle school with)

Too cool!

Rachael posted a really awesome note about Luke's progress. It was a speech she recently did and it explains what happened in the beginning, the trials thus far, how far Luke has come and what the future is looking like.

We are moving and grooving on the house front. More on that later.

I'm almost finished with Her Mother's Hope and this might be my favorite France Rivers book ever. Seriously. Go read it.

I am currently in love with this blog. Oh and this one too. But oh my! There is no way all that white would survive in my care!


AJ said...

Here is another blog for you


I am obsessed!!