04 February 2011

Stop the Presses

For real.
The city has literally shut down.
Due to this:

Or rather, a dusting of snow.
And I am so not kidding when I say the city has shut down. Major highways, roadways, schools, all closed because of the white stuff.
Even Stuart came home at 8:30 am because he couldn't drive down to Catulla since 410 was closed. He did however get a free dinner and some cash for helping a woman get her car "unstuck" and then driving her home.
When the boys woke up and saw the snow, they asked where their presents were. 'Ya know, because the last time they saw snow was Christmas Eve of 2009 when we had a blizzard and more than a foot of snow in Wichita Falls. Sorry boys, no Santa in February.


Andrea said...

LOL...My friend is in Texas and she's laughing so hard that there were people walking away from their cars because of the dusting.