24 February 2011

Heading home from the zoo

Tyson: I don't want to go home. I want to stay at the zoo with my friends.
Me: I know buddy but we have to go home.
Tyson: But mooooooom! I want to stay with them for FOREVER!
Me: Well I'm glad that you like your friends so much.
Tyson: Can they come over tomorrow for a sleep over?
Me: Sleep over? When did you learn about sleep overs? And no. They can't come over tomorrow. (Although I'm sure all their mommies would love a night alone)
Tyson: How 'bout the next night?
Me: I'm sorry Tyson.
Tucker: I want a babies in your tummy.
Me: {total shock}


AJ said...

Your boys are awesome!

Brittany said...

Oh how we all have the "I don't wanna go home" conversation! So funny!

Raena said...

Awesomeness! I know Camden would love to have Tyson for a sleepover. Just let me know when you think he's ready. :). We love hanging out with y'all!!!