09 February 2011

In which I show you more graphs

I know, I know. The graphs! Do I really make graphs of useless information? Yes, yes I do. Because they are neat and clean and show you just how OCD I am.

First a glimpse of my blogging. I began in August of 2008 and have been quite steady with approximately 20 posts per month. (Well, kinda)

And next, pictures taken by year and month. Now this graph is slightly incorrect. Do this bother me? Yes it does. When Tucker was born, I decided to organize my pictures into 3 categories: a) Tyson, b) Tucker and c) Both boys. But after a few months it just got too laborious to go thru all the pictures every month and divide them up. So this graph is not entirely accurate. Also to note, in August of 2009, Stuart got a new laptop and bequeathed his "old" laptop to me. While this was a sweet gesture on his part, it was not so sweet when he accidentally erased all the pictures on my hard drive while simultaneously backing them up to an external hard drive. If not for Shutterfly and the back-up disk we have made a few months prior, I would have cried a lot more than I did.

And last but certainly not least, the ever so popular: Weight Graph. Yup. The boys are still leaps and bounds heavier than the average boy. And Tucker is in fact going to be King Kong one day.