18 February 2011

Just to show you

I really am OCD.

I always put the dishes in the dishwasher the same way. And I will change them if someone else has started loading them incorrectly before me.
I always lay the clothes out in the same order on the bed when I fold them.
I always clean the bathroom in the same order: toilet, sink, mirror, shower, remove trash.
I always color code clothes.
I always rearrange the sugar packets at a restaurant.
I always make lists.
I always eat my Skittles (or anything that's colored/flavored) in order from least liked to most.
I always place books of the same author on the shelf by order of release date.
I always check the toilet paper roll to make sure it's facing the right way.
I always make sure my money (when I actually have some) is facing the same way and in order of least amount to most.
I always shop the same "route" in the grocery store.
I always park next to a cart return.
I usually park on the left side.
I always stress about being late.
I always have a little panic attack if my routine is messed up.



Andrea said...

I hear you! And you're not alone, in a lot of those! I also eat any candy coated candy, by cracking it's shell with my teeth first. I can't just pop an M&M in my mouth and eat it...

Aubrey said...

Girl, I totally feel you!!!!