03 February 2011


Tuesday was Tucker's birthday
While most would have celebrated,
we had to cancel the celebrations.
We're ALL sick.
I mean, really, really
It started on Saturday when Tyson spiked a fever.
That lead into Sunday.
Tylenol and Motrin were given generously,
as well as hugs, kisses, and movie time.
Monday brought on a tickle in 
my throat.
Not good.
When I lived in San Antonio before,
my allergies got so bad that I had to get
Twice a week.
It was not fun.
And now that I'm back?
It seems like we may be heading down that same path
Tuesday morning Tucker woke up with 
101.7 fever.
Tylenol and Motrin began flowing thru his body.
We waited till after nap time, 
but his fever went up to 102.3.
Alright, no birthday party.
Both boys were coughing but Tucker's began to sound
Plus the snot coming out of Tucker's nose was/is thick
and green (TMI?).
Wednesday morning I headed to my (new) dr.
And was diagnosed with a(nother) sinus infection.
No surprise there.
Then I quickly called Uncle, Dr. J's office (my BIL)
to try and get an appt for Tuck.
9:50 am.
Uncle, Dr. J quickly assessed that he needed to do a flu test on Tucker.
15 minutes later,
Influenza A.
Plus the beginnings of an ear infection (the right one)
and the beginnings of croup (if it gets into his lungs like last year right after he turned 3).
So what does this all mean?
We are sick, sick people.
And this city is not good for sick, sick mommies who passes on her sick, sick allergies to her sick, sick babies.