09 April 2012

Christ is Risen!

We had a wonderful, laid back Easter. Have I mentioned how nice it is to live in the same city as family? Oh man. While we were doing the Air Force thing and living far, far away from loved ones, I honestly didn't realize how wonderful it is to be with family. And it is.

Our Easter festivities started on Friday. Tyson had the day off from school and Stuart had the day off from work. Amazing. We relaxed most of the morning, then got dressed and went to Friday night service at church. It was a Good Friday theme, but I thought since it was Good Friday it was entirely appropriate to go to church that night. My mom got the boys these cute plaid shorts and we were all going to try and wear blue, but Stu didn't want to wear his blue polo...so, yeah.

After church, we went out to eat. Can you guess where??

It took forever to get in and out of the restaurant, and then I made Stu stop at Target so I could run in and get last minute basket stuff. I was NOT going to go to any store on Saturday. I'm not that crazy. But all the that stopping meant that it was 9:45 before the boys were in bed. Wowzers! T-I-R-E-D boys. (bedtime 'round here is 7 pm)

Saturday morning, we rolled out of bed and headed to my SIL's for her annual East party. The boys are finally big enough to play without me following them around, so I got enjoy talking and visiting. What a novel idea!

We came home and all passed out. It was marvelous.

Sunday morning, I got to sleep in. SLEEP IN Y'ALL. The boys got their baskets and I started cooking. Let me just take a moment for a public service announcement:
When using a grater to grate carrots, WATCH YOUR FINGERS. They can and will get sliced into. And you can and will scream. And you will need lots of band-aids.
Alrighty, everyone good?
My parents came over for lunch and we did enjoy the the carrot cupcakes that almost caused me to toss my fingers out with the trash.

The best part? I stayed in my pajamas all day.

One day the grave could conceal him no longer.
One day the stone rolled away from the door.
Then he arose! Over death he had conquered! 
Now is ascended, my LORD evermore!
Death could not hold him, no the grave could not keep him from rising again!
Living he loved me.
Dying he saved me.
Buried he carried my sins far away!
Rising he justified, freely forever!
One day he's coming!
O glorious day!