13 April 2012


It's been a busy weeks round here y'all.
I almost lost three fingers grating carrots for carrot cake.
The boys almost lost their minds over Easter candy.
Tyson had to get a crown on his tooth.
And we had the last Tuesday Bible study class for the semester. 

Thus here's some of my week in pictures...



Daddy. He's the best.

The offending cupcakes. They sure were good though.

Tyson's artwork displayed at school.

Practice spelling test. Is he really old enough for this??
 Polo party.

Post dentist office craziness. There's nothing a little Lego Ninjago can't fix.

Y'all, I'm learning how to SEW. For reals. Raechel is phenomenal.

There you have it. In a nice, photographed nutshell.
Happy Friday y'all!

life rearranged