03 April 2012

I'm In, Are You?

So Stuart bought me a sewing machine for Valentine's Day in 2004. Yup. You read that right. At the time I was less than ecstatic that the best he could come up with was a machine. A machine that I had never touched or used. To his credit, I had mentioned, at some point, that I wanted to learn how to sew. I just didn't think that would reveal itself in the form of a love gift!

Since I had no idea how to even turn the darn thing on, Stuart had to show me what to do. I was successful in making two dog pillows and then packed the thing away. But then last month Tyson came home with an assignment to make a riding, wooden horse and I thought it best to sew the head. {deep breaths} I unearthed my sewing machine, dusted it off, and pulled out the manual. Goodness gracious, I WAS going to make this work.

And I did!

So when I saw that Raechel of Finding My Feet was going to do a sewing tutorial, I was all in. So far, so good! I'm super pumped and she makes the cutest things.

Here's to learning how to sew!