12 April 2012

Thursday Mash

Please pray for my cousins and their son Luke. (see icon on sidebar) Rachael is one of the strongest women I know and I can only imagine how difficult life is right now.

Praise! My friend Jessica and her husband had their court date this past Monday and the adoption of their son Danny (also see icon on sidebar) was completed!! Hallelujah! They will be traveling soon to get their son!

Say a prayer for marriages. It seems that all around me marriages are suffering and deteriorating. I have one friend who's in the throws of a really awful situation with her marriage and the pain and hurt seems unbearable.

Tyson and Tucker went to the dentist for the first time ever yesterday. (I know, I know. You can berate me later for waiting so long to take them in.) Tyson has been complaining of tooth pain for awhile but the past couple of days have been especially bad for me. Yesterday morning he was crying so hard before school that I knew I needed to do something. So, I consulted the BCBS website to find someone in our network (aside-isn't finding a doctor "in network" such a stinkin' pain?) and ended up getting a morning appointment at a fairly new practice 1.7 miles from our house. The visit started out swimmingly. Both boys got x-rays, the tech was super sweet and cleaning went marvelously. But while the dentist was examining Tyson, she found not one but TWO cavities plus two more teeth that had pre-cavities. Yikes! She also scheduled for us to meet with the orthodontist at our next 6 month appointment. Gulp. After all was said and done, we walked out of the office 2.5 hours later, with sedation, a crown, an appointment for a second crown next week and a child vomiting in the car from all the hub-bub. Fun! At least neither boy complained that the dentist was scary and Tyson even said she was really nice.

My youngest sister is having her wisdom teeth removed on Friday, so my mom and dad are headed up to Abilene tonight to help out. Can you say a pray for safe travels and a speedy recover for me sis?

My middle sister and her husband sold their house (in ONE DAY!) and have to be out by April 30. Double gulp. Can you pray that they find another house and the moving will be as unstressful and unchaotic as possible?

Oh, and 48 days days till the end of school. That's less than 50. Oh my word.


Jordana Haught said...

I don't know how I am just now seeing this post! Thanks for thinking about me! :)

Me and My Boys said...

Love you!