22 January 2009

Cleaning Advice

So I need some advice, cleaning advice. I openly admit that I am not the biggest fan of cleaning. I like for things to be clean but I usually find other ways to spend my time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a slob! My house is picked up and looks presentable but it may or may not have been dusted in a week or so. You get the drift. (On a separate note, I love to organize! Clean House anyone??) So my question is...what would you recommend for cleaning a large, thick rug? Some history-the rug is a hamey-down (sp?). In it's original glory it was in a very stately home and probably was not walked upon by shoes. It then was passed on to a home where dogs thought it resembled grass/lawns/pottying grounds. From there it traveled a short distance where it was cleaned, rebound (again because of chewing from the ignorant dogs) and then rolled up to be sold. Henceforth it has taken up residence in my home where it has been peed on (by children, not dogs), spilled on, vomited on and laden with a plethora of smelly (good smelly) carpet cleaners. Nothing has really taken out "the smell." It's not horrible, but I would love to give it a good once over so that it has somewhat of a fresh start. Suggestions?????

On another subject, my friend Autumn should (fingers crossed) be delivering her 2nd baby tonight/tomorrow. Go Autumn! Kinda makes me want to have another baby....no, not really but I do love the way little babies smell and feel all warm in your arms. And then there's the whole not sleeping thru the night, feeding round the clock, and the fact that we are DONE having kids...alright, so have fun!!

Nothing much else is new. Well there has been a lot of drama happening in WF but that's a whole 'nother hour of typing and quite frankly I need to get to bed.

The Office comes on tomorrow! (Sorry I don't watch Lost so I thought I'd plug one of my shows) Oh and I got my next Karen Kingsbury series, The Firstborn Series. Woo hoo! :)


Jennifer said...

You crack me up. I cannot help you on the rug front since mine is disgusting too. Dog pee, cat barf, baby spit up, poop... ugh. The rest of the house is clean if that counts. Just thought I'd answer the other question in the post - it's spelled hand-me-downs. As in handed down from one to another. :P

Raena said...

Fresh air and sunshine are the best for taking out smell. I would hang it outside in the sun for a couple days. Once you bring it in cover it in a dusting of baking soda, let that sit for a few hours, then vaccuum. If there is still a hint of smell, mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle - concentrate on the pee spots. You can dry it ouside if you like. HUGS!

Jennifer said...

Oh yes, Raena is right. I back up the baking soda recommendation. I sprinkle it on the regular carpet upstairs every time I vacuum. It definitely works and is safe for the kids!