13 January 2009

I Should Just Stay In Bed

(the title of this blog really has nothing to do with this post, but I thought it sounded catchy)

I LOVE play dates! First and foremost because my children get to spend time socializing with someone other than mommy and secondly because I, mommy get to socialize with someone other than my kids. Eureka! One of my great friends SL and I have been trying to get together since the holidays passed and this morning was the day. I have to wait to tell the boys about such ventures until the day of or else they just get too excited and don't understand why they have to wait. So...we got up this morning and waited for Stu to get home to say hi and then headed out to SL's house. She has two girls (3 yrs and 9 months) so it's always fun to see how Tyson and Tucker handle "girl" toys. Side note-I think I need to buy the boys a little kitchen. They go crazy every time they get to play with one and it's so fun watching he creativity jump out of them. Anywho, the time went by way too fast and then it was time to head home. The boys loved playing with K and L and I loved talking with SL. I really needed the break.

On the way home we stopped at Sonic to get some lunch. PS-they don't have the Sweetheart Shake yet. Maybe at the end of the month. I live for that shake. Yum. Tyson calls it the "tater-tot-store" but we didn't get tater tots, we got bananas with their meals. Good job Sonic. Headed home and found Stuart asleep on the couch. Man, I didn't get him anything because he said he would already be in bed and just sleep thru lunch. Bad wife. So I go about getting the boys set up and chatted with Stu about his night and our play date. It was nice to catch up. Oh, another side note-the horrible slime ball that attacked my sister two years ago finally had his day in court. He got 7 years in prison. I personally wanted to string him up by his boy parts or leave him alone in a room with my dad, husband and brother-in-law. But I guess that's why I am not a judge.

Then it was nap time. Oh, heavenly nap time. Today though it was hell. During the past week, Tyson has started making a HUGE deal about taking a nap. He cries, whines, throws a fit, complains about being scared (I have no idea where that comes from) and does everything he can to not go into his room. Today was no different. I eventually get them both in their room with their mooses and blankets. It's really a ridiculous ordeal. Anyway, naps start...and are very quickly stopped. In the span of 2.5 hours, neither boy fell asleep and I went into their room no less than 20 times. They jumped on the beds, pulled their sheets off the beds, pulled everything and I mean everything off the bottom rod in the closet, emptied the bottom three drawers of the dresser (including sheets, Tucker's pants and shorts, all their socks and shoes) AND dumped the content of their hamper in the middle of the room. To say that I was mad is an extreme understatement. I know the phrases, "This is RIDICULOUS," "Go to sleep." Please go to sleep," "Mommy is not happy right now," "Do you know who has to clean this up?," "I give up" all came out at one point or another. Eventually I did give up and just let them come out of their room. But there was no tv for the rest of the day and no snack after non-nap time. Good Gracious. And just for the record, neither of them had any sugar before non-naps.

I can't recall what happened the rest of the evening but the boys weren't as cranky come 5 pm as I thought they would be and they went down at bed time just as well as they normally do.

Top Chef comes on tomorrow...yipee!


Raena said...

They have the cutest kitchen at Costco for $99. Both my kids love it. It is wooden, red, and retro - so fun!

Jennifer said...

I must have missed this post. I'm so happy that scumbag got a little of what he deserves! At least in prison he'll get his butt whooped a few times, although I wish your guys could work him a little too.