27 January 2009

This Morning...

...we woke up to this. Not that we weren't expecting as much, but it's still an amazing sight none the less. Yesterday, Stuart's phone starting ringing about 4 pm. Of course he was sleeping so I woke him up. Luckily the call was from work informing him that his shift was being canceled for the night due to bad weather. Yay!! I was swimming in excitement. As was Stuart for that matter. All day Monday it rained and the temp outside was dropping. So we bundled up and settled in for the night. This morning was freezing-literally. It was around 20 when we woke up and only got to 28 in the afternoon. Stuart woke up and checked on school, no surprise, classes were canceled for the day. Woo hoo! We were stuck inside, again, literally all day. There was a sheet of ice formally known as our street outside and sleet was coming down hard. Tyson kept telling me that there was "Christmas snow" outside. Too bad this didn't happen at Christmas. Anywho we watched movies all day long and no one got out of their pajamas. Bliss!! Stuart got a call later on in the day again informing him that work was canceled tonight as well. Can this really be happening?? I am going to get two whole unexpected nights sleep without being scared of the monsters in closet! Yahoo! Nothing is better. :)
Quick shout outs:
Weather-even though I despise you sometimes, you really pulled thru today!
Hot chocolate-you make me giddy
Quilts-with out you it would be impossible for my family of four to snuggle on the couch together
Tootsie roll pops-you make my boys really happy and shopping trips are much more attainable with you


Raena said...

Lucky you! I'm praying for ice tonight. I love your shout outs, they crack me up.