25 January 2009

Here and There

So it's Sunday. Late Sunday...almost Monday, but Sunday people! I'm sitting here looking at my calendar, thinking about the week to come and looking back on the past week. Is is possible that there is nothing written on any day last week? Nothing? Wow. I really do live a boring, SAHM life. So my goal tonight is to think of anything that might make somewhat of an impact of describing my week. Since I have nothing written down, I can't really remember that order in which things may or may not have happened. (Sometimes I think my reading seeps into my real life. So I'm not sure if I just read it or lived it. Comes with the crazy-mom territory)
The boys got haircuts. This is always an adventure, particularly when it comes to Tucker. He's had two haircuts in his entire life (and he turns two on Sunday). Wait! My baby is turning TWO?! In a week!? No! This can't possibly be real. I must be thinking of one of my books again...where was I? Oh yeah, so we went to the barber shop and chopped/buzzed the boys hair off. They look so stinkin' grown up! Tyson looks so much like his daddy and Tucker looks like a 5 year old. I'll have pictures tomorrow. When I went to download the pics from my camera, the battery was dead and so I am recharging it right now.. Sigh...
We went to Home Depot today and spent a nice chuck 'o change on a new fan for the livingroom, a new light for the porch, a new chandelier for the diningroom, a new curtain rod(s) for our bedroom and some other miscellaneous items. Stuart then proceeded to come home and start installing the aforementioned items. The fan is in and working. The porch light is installed and on. The chandelier is sitting on my diningroom table because Stuart ran out of time. The curtain rod need to be cut and assembled. Plus we still need to buy some new, thicker curtains. Honey-do-list is growing!
Stuart started classes on Tuesday. It was kinda a rough day since he left Monday night at 10 pm for work and didn't walk thru the front door till 12:15 pm Tuesday afternoon. Man, this is gonna be a trying semester. Funny story- Stuart still hasn't gotten the hang of sleeping for mid shift and now going to school. On Thursday he was awoken by his Accounting professor letting him know that class was over, all the students had left and the instructor needed to lock up the room. Ha! Umm, I mean, poor Stu! He quickly apologized to his professor and sheepishly explained that he was on mid shift and yadda yadda. He skipped his next class, came home and crashed.
And that's about it. I honestly can't think of a single thing that we did. Isn't that sad? BUT my friend Autumn finally had her little boy! Yay! And again, I don't have anything else..hmm...alright so I guess that's about it.