04 January 2009

Day Four

Yay for 2009! So far nothing crazy has happened in my family. We rang in the new year at our friend's house with a couple of our closest friends. It's so nice to no longer have the youngest child-both Tyson and Tucker stayed up till midnight but played the whole time very well. And since they are bigger now I don't have to keep such a close eye on them; I actually got to partake in a few tasty beverages! Woo hoo!
New Year's day was very lazy. We stayed in our pajamas all morning then got dressed to go to Wally (aka Walmart) and cash in on discounted Christmas decorations. We got some more icicle lights and some new ornaments since Tucker broke about 10 of them this year. He's such a boy...
Friday I took Christmas down. We didn't put much up so it didn't take too long to make it all disappear. One thing that I especially loved was not having to pack the tree up. We just threw it into our side yard awaiting tree pick-up. Fantastic! I think we all stayed in our pajamas all day. I could do that every day!
Saturday was our unofficial "work" day. Stuart started to clean up and organize his carport/garage. It desperately needs attending to. We also cleaned out more flower beds and finished ripping out all the wood planks from the beds. I did more laundry (I was really hoping that it would somehow already be done) and made fudge. Stuart started up the grill for dinner and let the boys enjoy the 70 degree weather we were having. After the boys went to bed, we finished painting our room (all we had left to do was cut in) and then went to bed at a reasonable hour for the first time in several days.
Stuart got up with the boys this morning-the best gift-and then we go ready and headed out to church. Last night a cold front came thru so we were quite shocked at the 37 degree temperature. The rest of the day has flowed like any other, it's been

I balanced the check book, paid some bills, did the dishes, started more laundry, moved furniture back into place in our room....wow, it's good to feel normal again!
Here's to the rest of the week! *clink clink*