05 January 2009


So I have never really been one for resolutions. Too many times they don't get resolved and then I just feel bad... I have decided though to make a list of things that I would like to see happen or done in 2009. If they don't come to fruition, no biggie. Here's the breakdown:

~Potty train Tyson
~Paint the boys' room
~Paint the playroom
~Do some gardening in the front yard
~Do more cooking/less eating out

The painting part involves Stuart more than me, but I will try to help. The potty training obviously depends a lot on how Tyson reacts (again) to the situation. The gardening is an attempt to be more homeowner-ly. The yard doesn't look bad, but after we moved in we took a lot of things out. The previous owner loved to plant anything and everything so we had quite the jungle for a yard. I just want something that's easy to maintain and looks respectable. And as for the cooking-that's more of an income buster than a desire. 'Nuf said.
So there it is. Not too much. Just a few things that I would like to see happen before 2009 is over (and we all know how fast time is going by now. why didn't anyone tell me that once I had children, ten years would go by in a day?).
Good stuff.
Side note, another day down with nothing majorly crazy happening. I'm liking 2009 so much better than '08. :)


Brittany Skloss said...

I've been trying to cook more too. I love this site for good recipes that aren't too fussy- http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/
We really love the Pasta Primavera, the Chicken Spaghetti and ALL the desserts!