29 January 2009

Ode to My Pajama Pants

My dearest pajama pants, why do I love you so? You are comfortable and warm, light and breezy, colorful and wonderful. You are perfect for morning, noon and night. Mornings when the boys wake up too early and breakfast gets dropped all over you, noon for daily run-ins with the mail man and nights for chats with Stuart before work, blogging on the couch and my ever growing addiction to DVR. You change shapes very nicely with your pull string band and baggy legs. I feel neither small nor big in you-just right. You make me smile when I put you on and you keep me company (along with Turbo) as I sleep at night. You have walked with me thru millions of phone conversations and seen more than your fair share of company. Yet you are always there. Beckoning me to come back and swim in your embrace. Ahhh, what a good friend you are. There will always be a special place in my heart for you, my dear pajama pants.


Jennifer said...

This may be one of the greatest posts you've ever written. I feel exactly the same way about my seven hundred pairs of flannel pajamas. I could live in them. Let's start a new trend.