19 January 2009

Thank You Stuart

Why I Love Stuart

1. He can fix anything
2. He is an amazing father
3. He to find anything and everything on the web
4. He doesn't loose his cool
5. He can recite every line from Office Space but can't remember the names to our friends
6. He doesn't surprise me often but when he does it's awesome
7. He loves God
8. He makes me laugh
9. He has more of a "fashion sense" than I do
10. He loves me :)

Just needed to write that down. This weekend 3 of our friends started marriage separations in varying degrees. Stuart helped one couple move out of base housing and into separate apartments and then another friend came to stay with us with her kids for the night. Her husband left Friday night leaving her car less and in a terrible state of shock. He still hasn't called or come home. Please say a prayer for marriages as a whole!
The reality is that I have an incredible husband and I not only need to tell him that everyday but I need to remind myself of that. E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.
Quick shout out to Kevin for taking out the trash without being asked. And another shout out to his wife for being so cool. ;)


Jennifer said...

Kevin also wants everyone to know he put the wet clothes in the dryer this morning (without being asked) after I yelled from upstairs "Is the washer finished?" I AM pretty cool. :)