07 August 2009

Clarissa Needs...

(I've done this before and it's just too funny to pass up again)

Google your name and the word ‘needs’, in quotes — as in “Clarissa needs”.
Jot down the first ten sensible "needs." So stinkin' fun!

1. Clarissa needs to be humiliated. {hmm}

2. Clarissa needs to show herself capable of unconditional love. {wow, I have nothing to say}

3. Clarissa needs a break. {Amen!!}

4. Clarissa needs an avatar. {I'm gonna have to ask Stu what that is}

5. Clarissa needs your thoughts and prayers. {seriously, is someone getting in my head?}

6. Clarissa needs your iChat accounts. {???}

7. Clarissa needs a home. {well, I have a home but I could always use two...}

8. Clarissa needs to stay inside herself. {yes! please get out of my head}

9. Clarissa needs to begin by prioritizing her debt. {...looking over my shoulder...}

10. Clarissa needs to win the d**n lottery. {again, yes!}