20 August 2009

Cleaning and Crying

So I've been trying to catch up on my cleaning and laundry since my work load this week has been a hair lighter than last week. Add to that the fact that I got sick this weekend and my cleaning "mojo" has been about zero. But since laundry doesn't stop (and is it just me or does the laundry double when mom isn't home to take care of it everyday?) and dishes must be washed or else the milk curdles and then I have the stinkiest nast-i-ous-ness (that is so a real word) on my hands, cleaning I must do.

So that is what I have done in between sleeping, eating, spending few precious minutes with my boys and of course buying new pots and pans. Oh the joys!

With that I have also been catching up on my blog friends and blogs that I stalk. Yesterday I watched this and just about ran out of tears.

Oh, and have I mentioned to go over here and check out the new update on Luke??

One last thing, my baby boy is going to be 4 (as in one, two, three, FOUR) in less than a month!


Misty said...

I have just spent the better part of 2 hours reading Angie and Audrey's story and crying the whole time. It sounds selfish, but I hope that I never have to endure something so heartbreaking. That has to truly be one of the worst circumstances that one can find themselves in! Thank God for His peace and mercy.

What grace Angie shows!

Well, hope you're laundry is diminishing and the time with the boys is as quality as you want it to be. :-)