04 August 2009


So there are many things in life that baffle me, stump me, leave me dumbfounded. It seems that these events strike me more than other people but whatever. And it just so happens that several of the things that make me scratch my head happen at work.

  1. Why do nurses and/or doctors smoke?
  2. What's up with fanny packs?
  3. Why do people wear socks and tennis shoes with Capri's?
  4. Why do people wear black socks and tennis shoes with shorts?
  5. What is up with the mullet?
  6. Why do people not utilize car seats?
  7. Why would you not shower at least once a year?
  8. Why do people feel it's important for everyone to hear their cell phone conversations?
  9. What happened to chivalry?
  10. Why doesn't everyone think like me?
Shout Outs:
Cereal-I love a big 'ole bowl of cereal.
Breakfast-for any meal of the day really.
Coffee-the smell of coffee to be exact. Mmmmm,
(and yes, I'm hungry right now)