20 March 2013

What I WANT to Wear Wednesday

One of the blogs that I follow does a "What I Wore Wednesday" post.
I love reading what other people put together.
I am the first to admit that I have a lack luster fashion sense.
But I WANT to be more fashionable.
Enter Polyvore.
Never heard of it?
I first found Polyvore via Pinterest (surprise, surprise).
Essentially it's a website that allows you to create styling boards or collages.
These can be clothing, home decoration, words, images, whatever.
At first I was really nervous to create a board.
I don't know how to dress myself, let alone create something that would look "good."
But it's fun!
And allows me to just try things out.

So, here's my version of "What I Wore Wednesday:"

What I WANT to Wear Wednesday

Boat Dock

Bon Voyage

Farmer's Market

Grocery Store

You can check me out on polyvore!
I'm clarissadoss :)
Or just click the Polyvore button on my sidebar. >>
Nifty, eh?!