30 March 2009

I have many

eccentricities. I am fully aware that at times people think I have totally fallen off my rocker (I tend to think that I was never really on my rocker but po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe). To help you see the light, I have compiled a list, in no particular order and not in entirety of what I refer to as my world.

-The toilet paper roll has to be placed on the holder so that the paper is pulled down from the top, not the bottom of the roll. If I am at someone's house, I will probably fix this if it's wrong.
-After the bed has been made, it need not be sat on till it's time for bed again. This is a major problem since my dogs live in the bed 90% of the day.
-My clothes are color coordinated in the closet according to use: long, fancy dresses; church dresses; skirts; nice pants; casual pants; tank/sleeveless tops; casual short sleeve tops; dressy short sleeve tops; casual long sleeve tops; dressy long sleeve tops; jeans; bulky sweaters. I know, it's a but all over the place but I had to give in a put them away in order of function and reach ability since we have old closet doors. This does get to me sometimes. (I kinda feel like Monica from Friends with her 27 types of towels. That was a good woman)
-I dispise having "things" sit out on top of the dressers. I like decorations (I becoming more of a fan of fewer things) but not all the stuff that Stuart empties out from his pockets and whatnot. This is why he has a drawer, two baskets and a garage. Put it somewhere else.
-The dishes DO go in the dishwasher a proper way. This allows for maximum space loading and does make the dishes look nice while they are in there.
-I am a huge fan of rotating-clothes, socks, underwear, dishes, towels, washcloths; if it's used multiple times it will be rotated.
-Stuart's garage makes my skin crawl. No organization. Lots of grease. Tools not put away.
-The shower curtain needs to be closed when the shower is not in use. Looks better.
-I love throw pillows. My husband does not. This is a cause for many evil looks.
-I can not stand when dishes are laid next to the sink and not in the sink when dirty. The sink has a faucet and washes things down it. The counter does not.

That's me. :)


Brooke said...

Ha! Go read my latest post...maybe you can give me some organization tips!!

Jennifer W. said...

I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID! I had to use all caps to make sure you knew I was SCREAMING IN EXCITEMENT. I couldn't have written it better myself. I still think I'm probably crazier than you if it makes you feel better.