28 March 2009

What is going on??

Dear Weather Man,
OK, I give.
What in gracious name are you doing to me? Or more particularly, Wichita Falls. I understand that I live in peanut shell, Podunk-ville, no Dairy Queen, no Chick-fil-A, Texas State Hospital (yes, you ARE thinking of the right kind of "hospital") housing Wichita Falls, but come on! I can't do much more of this. Three days ago I had all my windows open, fans circulating fresh, cooling air and children yielding shorts and flip flops. Today I awoke to snow. Snow! This can not be normal. And now I have my heater on. 3 more days till April and I have my natural gas heater on. In Texas.
Please help me.

Crazy, frozen, stuck in the house, children climbing the walls with snot dripping down their chins Mom


Jennifer W. said...

Snow? You're kidding?! I am so sorry. I can't imagine what those kids are doing to your sanity. I will pray for sunshine and cool breezes!

Me and My Boys said...

Yes, snow. Real, white, sticky, makes everything wet snow. Humph. Too bad it didn't come like two months ago and stay for a couple of days.