11 March 2009

Steak = Yum

Last night I went to my last 361 TRS Spouses meeting. Sigh... It's ok. Really. 361 is the squadron Stu's in and once a month the spouses get together for a meeting (aka food and fun). We went to Texas Roadhouse where I met my love once again; sirloin smothered in onions, mushrooms and jack cheese. Heaven. Pure meat. I'm getting chills just writing about it. But alas, the time went too fast and before I knew it all the was left was an empty plate and an extended abdomen. Perefection none-the-less.


Raena said...

your last meeting? are ya'll moving?

Me and My Boys said...

No, not yet at least. Stu's getting out of the AF in 2-3 weeks. Ahh! He's then going to be a full time student (for a year) to finish his BA and then we'll move when he finds a job. :)