02 March 2009


Is it really March? Seriously? Where did February go? We're already into the 3rd month of the year but I'm still writing 2008 on everything. {sigh}

So we had an ok weekend. Friday night was fantastic! Stuart found out last week that he was being moved back to day shift and all of a sudden my world was monumentally better! He had Wednesday to "recoup" and get his days/nights back together and Thursday and Friday were regular 'ole 7:30-4:30 days. Ahhh. Needless-to-say, Wednesday night I slept better than I have in months. So Friday night we celebrated with an ice cream cake. Yum. It totally fit the bill.

This is what happens when the suns comes out and the boys go outside to play. Mix in new gardening shovels and throwing dirt.

Then Saturday morning rolled around and the boys both woke up with runny noses. I had watched a friend's girls on Wednesday (which ended with the mom getting into a really nasty wreck on the way to get the girls, her husband hanging up on her and me driving to rescue her because he car had to be towed...) and both arrived sick. Green snot, sneezing sick. Do parents not understand that these germs are contagious?? And they pass very nicely from kid to kid to kid until your whole house is sick and your husband wants you to cater to his every whim but you can't get an ounce of catering for yourself? I digress.

We did make it out to run some errands on Saturday since it was freezing outside and the boys just needed to get out of the house. We went to the "Gucci" grocery store here in town. Normally we make the trek to the base to go to the commissary for our big shopping trip but we only needed two things and I was on the hunt for boudin. And did you know that at the "Gucci" grocery store they have little shopping carts for the kids? It was the sweetest and scariest thing! Tyson thought he was so big. I thought he should worry about not chopping off the other driver's shins. All-in-all everyone came out unscathed.

Tyson sized cart

Side note-boudin is Cajun sausage stuff. It's not really sausage but rice, pork and other spices in a casing. It's fabulous and I have been craving it every since my bro and sis-in-law came in December and brought us some. Being that we are NOT in LA or the south of TX close to LA I didn't really think I would find it in peanut shell Wichita Falls. But I wasn't giving up. The "Gucci" grocery store was my last and only hope. After searching the shelves for what seemed like and hour but was more like 30 seconds, I FOUND IT! I got 8 packages. We have eaten it two nights in a row. I can not tell you how happy this makes me. :)

There's an International Harvester tractor in front of the "Gucci" grocery store.

Sunday the boys woke up with fevers. Ugh. Runny, snot noses and rosy cheeks. Perfect. That sums up the day.

Today Stuart wakes up and complains of an itchy throat. No, no, no! By the time he got home from work his nose was a faucet and he officially declared his "sickness."

God speed illness!

Shout outs:
Kaboom Toilet Cleaner-ok, so many of you have claimed your love of Kaboom in the past I have been hesitant to take the plunge, but I am now a different woman!

Boudin-you have changed my spicy-free life.

Steak-I really am a carnivore. :)

Ice cream cake-mmmmmmm.


Jennifer W. said...

I feel your pain on the sickness front. Especially the hubby who becomes a baby but you can't get any help when you're sick thing. I love cleaning products and must now try Kaboom since nothing has ever really cleaned my toilets. I am craving ice cream cake now. Thanks.

Brooke said...

Isn't Kaboom the best? I swear, they should pay me b/c I advertise for them so much!

Hope everyone is feeling better!