31 March 2009

Tiny Victory

As you already know, potty training and I have had quite a tumultuous relationship. We're working on it, but I still accuse him of being ridiculous and he accuses me of not having patience. We're both right.
Yesterday we had a teeny, tiny victory. Ha, take that potty training! When Tyson got up, I changed his night time diaper and told him flat out that we were going to put big boy underwear on. He fussed a bit, but then the light bulb went off and he proclaimed, "Daddy wears big boy underwear!" (If you haven't noticed the boy is ALL ABOUT DADDY)
"And daddy goes peepee in the big boy potty. And daddy wears flip flops. And daddy's a boy."
"That's right booger."
So we unearthed the big boy underwear, slipped them on and paraded in front of Tucker because if anyone would want to wear something Tyson is wearing, it would be Tucker. And thus went the morning-accident free! I'm not sure you quite understand the gravity of this. Tyson wore cloth underwear, such that if he went to the bathroom the contents of his bowel and bladder would end up soaking thru the previously noted cloth apparatus and end up on his legs and the floor. No such thing happened. :)
Stuart came home for lunch and Tyson was all to ready to show his daddy his accomplishments. It was a good lunch. Then Stuart left. {slow breath thru nose}
10 minutes after shutting the door, Tyson walks in from the playroom and informed me that he went potty. In his big boy underwear. Peepee. And poopoo. Nice. So I stripped him down, cleaned him up and made him watch while I cleaned his mess in the toilet, all the while explaining how gross and yucky and icky it was and how it wasn't nice to potty in his underwear because mommy has to clean it up and see?? It is GROSS.
After his nap we put on underwear again because he was adamant about it. Ok, I can do this. I can do this. He went all afternoon dry as toast. And even peed outside twice (why this is so alluring for boys I have no clue, but daddy does it so he must therefore follow as well). THEN we went out of the house to run errands and he wore his underwear. I was prepared with two extra shorts, diapers and a towel. NO accidents. {huge breath}
Today we had an accident this morning and now he's in pull ups because all three pair of big boy underwear are in the washing machine. I guess we'll be going to purchase some more tonight.
We're taking very small, almost invisible steps but this child MUST be potty trained by the time he's four. Seriously. Heaven help us when we get to Tucker.


Amy said...

Great job Momma! Sounds like you're doing well. We're DREADING it still over here.

Jennifer W. said...

I am SOOOOO excited for you! It's happening! And I love how much he wants to be like his Daddy. Precious. I see years of child manipulation with this tactic.

AutumnJade said...

Potty training is hard, but so rewardin for both mommy and son. You can do it!