23 March 2009

Viruses Suck

I got a virus. This morning I check hotmail (on my phone, which I must say is one of the coolest things ever to use your phone that way. Having the Internet at all times whenever and wherever I want is amazing) and there was an email from a friend "congratulating" then condoling me for my virus. This SUCKS! I then proceeded to check the 12 error demon emails that were undeliverable from my virus. Might I say again, THIS SUCKS. I called Stuart at work in a panic. He very politely informed me that there was nothing he could do at this very present time, but when he came home for lunch he would take a look. Grr.
Did the dr, flu shot thing (Tyson has been having a really hard time with his allergies for the past couple of days but of course his regular Pediatrician was out sick today and he had to see someone new and she wasn't a very nice lady) and all the while I couldn't stop thinking about all the people that are in my contact list that are reading my viral email, rolling their eyes, hopefully not downloading or opening anything from said monster and then quickly deleting me from their contact list so as not to further any complications if I were to trash their virtual lives again. Man. Mondays.
I got home and immediately got on my computer to see the extent of the damage. I was locked out of any website that required my logging in. AHHH. This.can.not.be.happening.
I shut down my computer and sat waiting, rocking and wallowing in my demise for Stuart to get home. I also did some laundry and dishes to pass the time.
Finally he gets home and does some things, clicks here and there, looks at this and that and removes the infiltration, deletes all my cookies, clears my caches, re installs Mozilla and does some other things. He is fairly certain that all is better. Smile. I have a wonderful, handy, fix-it husband. (he seems to think that I got the virus from opening some website that had encrypted info and then the next time I opened hotmail it reset my signature with the offending message (which was not offensive, it was just talking about some electronic website) and then was sent out to my contacts. So obnoxious. Don't hackers/virus writers have anything better to do? This is ridiculous and makes me want to do some violent things to mean people.)
I think I am going to start using my Gmail account for my personal email instead of hotmail. I'm kinda perturbed at hotmail at the moment. So...if you wanna email me, clarissadoss02[at]gmail[dot]com
And for your viewing pleasure, here are the boys being, themselves. Enjoy. Have a drink on me too.


Brooke said...

That sucks. I don't understand why people have to be so mean. On a different note, K has some serious allergy issues too. Does Tyson take anything for his?

Jennifer W. said...

OY. Thank your computer for not sending it to me!