07 March 2009


In an attempt to domesticate myself (and cut down on our eating out budget), I have cooked the last several nights. Now, we aren't talking spaghetti. I mean, real-deal, homemade, bust out my blender, use the cutting board for cutting, buy fresh vegetables kind of cooking. I have to say, I am quite pleased with myself. {pat on the back} We bought a cookbook and sat down to pick out some recipes to try. Thursday night I made deep dish chicken pot pie. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g involved (including making my own dough. I used my dough hook on my mixer for the 1st time!). Friday night I made burgers for Stu to put on the grill. Side note-I adore the grill! I could eat food from the grill 6 nights a week. Saturday I made spinach stuffed manicotti. I am giddy with excitement for myself. Last night I made 7 layer dip and tacos. Yahoo. I feel like Susie-homemaker!

The time change did not affect the boys like "fall backward", thank goodness. I'm hoping that they are starting to get better at adjusting. I for one love this time change. Darker in the mornings and sunny later at night. Makes for late afternoon play much more enjoyable.

I woke up this morning all congested. Yuck. I think it's just allergies but it could be whatever the boys had.

And that's about it. Pretty boring but I felt the need to campaign my cooking, :)

Shout outs:
Kitchen Aide mixer-wow.
Chicken stock in a box-so convenient.
Brownies-you make Sunday nights much, much better.


Raena said...

Yay. I'm impressed. I need your chicken pot pie recipe. You go girl!!!

Brittany Skloss said...

Cooking sounds so easy but it's definitely not when you have two little helpers! Way to go! I love The Pioneer Woman for good recipes (that even Clay will eat). Have fun Chef Clarissa!

Jennifer W. said...

I have a lot of those ear marked cookbooks sitting in boxes in storage. One day maybe...