24 March 2009

Then comes Tuesday

So after my horrendous day yesterday, I spent most of last night changing a ridiculous number of passwords and checking EVERYTHING to see if all was well in my virtual world. Come to find out, the email that "I" sent out was not a virus, but SPAM; annoying none-the-less. And since Stuart had to reinstall Mozilla, I lost all my new blogs and now am trying to find them again. I guess that's better than loosing $1,000. (We didn't. We spent LOTS of time on USAA last night making sure nothing happened. USAA is a very secure sight, but still it makes my stomach turn to think about that) In the process of going thru my millions of sights, I came upon ebay. I haven't used ebay in months, but I thought I would log in and change my password anyway. I've had the same one for 6 years so it was time. After 10 attempts at logging in, I knew something was wrong. Come-to-find out, my ebay account had been hacked on March 11 (or before maybe) and someone tried to sell 2 items from my account. Are you kidding me?? Luckily ebay stopped the listings (I have NO clue how they knew it wasn't me but am soooo thankful that whatever measures they have in place for this sort of thing worked) and I was able to reactivate my account. The ebay scam and email spam are two unrelated events. Blessed day, what a mess!

Today is Tuesday. Yes.
Shout outs:
NOT allergies-you are making my child(ren)'s life miserable and in the process mine too.
NOT Spam-bite me.

NOT the fill in Pediatrician-you did nothing for me and my son is worse today. Thanks.
NOT dirty diapers-I just threw you in for good measure.