29 December 2010

Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas this year was a bit bittersweet to me. Bitter because we have been so consumed with moving and closing on our house that I really didn't feel like I was enjoying my favorite time of the year. BUT {and that's a big but} it was still so incredible because we were able to spend it with family. Moving in with my parents allowed us to not have to pack and drive 12 hours round trip {although we did that too} toting gifts and clothes and all the necessities for being away from your "stuff" for several days.

The festivities began Monday night when we meandered over to my SIL's house to have the Doss Christmas. Really it was for the kids and to celebrate my BIL's and my birthdays. Of course I didn't get any pictures from that night but it was fun and good to see everyone from the Doss side of the family.

Tuesday was my birthday and so to celebrate that moment in time, my mother took me and the boys out to lunch and shopping for my birthday presents. That evening my BIL and SIL took Stu and I out to dinner at Bohannans. Bon appetite! It was DELICIOUS. And ended my entrance into a new decade perfectly.

Wednesday and Thursday were a blur of cleaning and last minute gift shopping plus the usual laundry and dishes and Lego making and Lego demolishing and car playing and screaming and fighting and dog feeding. Ops Normal.

Friday my cousin Rachel and her husband Blake came over for lunch. It was SO good to see them {Blake's parents live in SA}! The boys loved entertaining Blake with their jokes and Blake was ever the nice listener and laughed at all the appropriate places. There was a moment of terror when while blowing out candles, Tucker managed to get his face, hands, and jeans covered in hot wax. But he recovered and we all took a moment to breath.

While the men stayed home for nap time and clean up, my mom, youngest sister and I headed to church for the Christmas Eve service. Being completely encouraged by all the Christmas music, we headed home to prepare for our Christmas Eve tradition of driving around town and looking at Christmas lights. At least it was a tradition when I was growing up. Tucker absolutely squealed with delight at each house that we passed and I may or may not have squealed just as loudly.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for outside illumination. Coming close to loosing our voices, we decided to return home and hope that Santa would come. Of course there was one small hurdle of wrapping all those presents for Santa.

Christmas morning was nothing short of fantastic. The boys were in wrapping paper heaven. The dogs couldn't figure out where to lay. And everyone walked away smiling.

I hope your day was filled with sugar plums and candy canes!