16 December 2010

Oh and did I mention

That our not-so-great-white-trash neighbors backed into our trailer?
They did.
When we got into Wichita Falls early Saturday morning, we were greeted by our neighbor's van parked in our driveway, all the way up to our garage door.

Let me stop here and just let you know theses are the same neighbors that didn't mow their grass in 6 months, which warranted a call to code enforcement. The same neighbors that left their broken down junker parked on the curb IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE for 3  weeks, warranting another call to code enforcement. The same neighbors that routinely parked their truck so crookedly in their driveway that it would block most of our driveway, warranting a knock on their door to move so that I could pull MY car into MY driveway.Also the same neighbors that called our realtor THE SAME DAY that our house went on the market to complain about the fence that her own grandfather (previous owner of their house) put up between their driveway and our carport, being on their property. Here's the kicker: it's THEIR fence! If they want to take it down-go for it! It's yours! Thankyouverymuch.
So back to our driveway.
Seeing their van in front of our garage door was the LAST thing I needed. I wanted to call the police, but my passive-aggressive husband decided it would be better to pull the truck into the grass and have the trailer parked diagonally across our driveway. Stuart left just enough room for the neighbor to back out {assisted} or come knock on our door and show their shame.
Guess which one she did?
Here's how I think her brain went: Hey the neighbor's are putting their house on the market. Oh look, they already moved out. Since that fence is blocking my driveway, I'm going to park in their driveway. That'll teach them.
Too bad they are idiots.
The icing on the cake?
There was very minimal damage {if you want to call it that} to the trailer. But her van? She totally knocked out the right taillight. As evidenced by all the red taillight pieces in our trailer and the driveway. Also evidenced by the missing taillight later when she came home. HA!

Oh and the BEST part?
Our realtor's husband is WFPD. So guess who's driving by our house every night to make sure our awful neighbors aren't parked in our driveway and thus warranting a call to the WFPD tow company and having  their van spend some quality time in the impound lot-that's right.
Stupid neighbors.