30 December 2010


So this year Stuart and I decided that for our anniversary we would keep it simple and "really" celebrate later in January or early February after we close on our house and things settle down from moving. Little did I know that Stuart's interpretation of that was completely different than mine.

Enter Stuart.

Our anniversary was officially on Tuesday, but Stuart had last Friday and Monday off from work (he also has tomorrow and Monday off too. Makes for a happy wife and kids.) So on Monday he decided to head out and return two things at two separate stores before it got really busy. Since I had no desire to get out of my pajamas, I was more than willing to let him go solo. Monday also happened to be the day that we took Christmas down.

So, my mom, youngest sister and I start tackling the Christmas chaos when I realize that Stuart has been gone for quite awhile. No worries, a phone call to my love informed me that Harbor Freight was packed and it took more time than expected.

We continue in our pursuit of Christmas de-clutter and almost finish when I again realize that Stuart has been gone far too long. Another phone call and he states to be on his way home but would we all care for some lunch? Absolutely.

Stu returns home, we dine and conversate on the amount of room we gained from having a Christmas-less house. The boys go down for a nap and Stuart decides to take the van to wash it and vacuum it out. "Why does the van need to be washed?" "Because it smells and this is my first day off that we aren't having to drive to Wichita Falls or something." "Ok."

And off he goes into the wild blue yonder.
Well, not really the wild blue yonder but I was feeling whimsicle and that's what popped into my head and automatically was typed.

A bit later, Stuart returns home and proclaims, "Your van is clean!" And tosses me these:

"Ummm. These aren't my keys."


My first ever BRAND NEW me car {van}!
It's new.
It smells new.
It looks new.
It feels new.
It's new!
And it's mine!

My husband rocks.


Andrea said...

HUSBAND.OF.THE.YEAR!!!! Congrats...I was just saying today that I would love a new to me car, one that just works all the time...I'm not even worried about it being from this decade, just this century!