21 December 2010

An Ode

An Ode to my 20's

Ah, you wonderful, glorious 20's! It wasn't that long ago that you were still around. Yesterday actually. And today, you are gone. Did you really want to leave so suddenly?
You brought about so many amazing things:
The meeting and dating and heartbreak of a someone that led me to meet Stuart.
The dating of Stuart
A great job that took me away for the summer
Endless of hours on the phone
A proposal in Stuart's car
Planning my wedding
Becoming Mrs. Stuart Doss
Moving to Wichita Falls
Moving to Las Vegas
Getting our first dog
Starting and stopping school
Giving birth to my first born
Moving back to Wichita Falls
Giving birth to my second son
Buying our first house
Getting another dog
Stuart getting out of the Air Force
Working to support our family while Stuart worked on graduating
Rejoicing with Stuart when he got a job
Moving back to San Antonio
Selling our house

Plus lots of other important things:
My middle sister getting married and having two children
My baby sister getting engaged
Losing my mother in law
Celebrating anniversaries 1-7 with Stuart
Watching my boys grow up

It's been a ride to say the least. But without you, oh 20's, none of these things would have been possible.
So I thank you.
For the 10 years.
Now I must bid you adieu, for I am officially old and you are officially out of my life.

30 year old Clarissa