17 December 2010

Five Things Friday

  1. My sister is having her bridal portraits done today. Last night she put on her dress and she looks stunning. Her fiance is going to be blown away!
  2. The cable guy is coming this afternoon to make it possible for Stu and I to watch tv in our room. Man, we are spoiled.
  3. Stuart is driving to Wichita Falls tonight to load the last of house and bring it back tomorrow with his dad.
  4. Last night at midnight ended the 7 day option period for the soon-to-be new owners of our house. Nothing was said, so closing HERE WE COME!
  5. On a sadder note, please be praying for my sister's in laws. Her father in law was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and it was not a great prognosis. Two weeks ago he had a pet scan that revealed new and different growths in his stomach. Yesterday he went in for a biopsy but due to the location, it was considered a major surgery. The surgery went ok (it just sounds weird to say that cancer surgery went well) but after he awoke from anesthesia, his mother was in his room and fell to the floor. Nurses came in and rushed her down to the ER where doctors discovered her to be having a heart attack. So both my sister's father-in-law and her grandmother-in-law are in the hospital. To top it all off, my sister's husband has his first church service tomorrow night. You can check out his new church here. So please lift this family up in prayer as they go thru these trials.