06 December 2010

Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

We chatted with Aunt George
 Rode bikes outside with baby Kate
 Loved on sweet cousins

 Snuggled with Aunt George
Held this precious, little guy
 Made Aunt George look like one of the cousins
Had a really long table
Made forts
Took family pictures
Played with Corndog (Papa's horse)
 Walked with daddy in Corndog's field
Went on an overnight date!!
Helped Mimi trim the tree
And then we all got sick the week after :(


Amanda said...

I hope you are feeling better!

How do you do those little collages?

Aubrey said...

Looks like ya'll had such a great time. Now that you are in SA we seriously need to get together soon.

P.S. hope that chocolate martini doesn't turn into baby number 3. ;)

Me and My Boys said...

Amanda-thanks. We are all starting to get over the colds/allergies/sinus infections/ear infections. Yuck!
And I use picnik.com to make collages and stuff with my pictures. I upgraded to premium which is only $24.95 per year. :)

Aubrey-ever the optimist! Let's work on baby #2 for YOU! And A+ for knowing that was a chocolate martini!