14 December 2010

Meet the Clampets

Well, not literally, but we sure did feel like them.
This weekend Stuart and I made our second to last trip to Wichita Falls.
But let me back up a bit.
Thursday night, our realtor called and informed us that she had a very good offer in her hands for our house. It wasn't what we were asking but it was good nonetheless. After talking with Stu, we decided to counter (ultimately the original offer was to get all the appliances/tv for free and we countered with a price for those items) and then first thing Friday morning our counter was accepted. Yea!!!!!!
But, BUT the owners would like to be in the house by Dec 27 and rent it from us until Jan 7, when we close.
That meant that we only had last weekend and this coming weekend to move our house.
Moving is not new to us. This is/will be the 8th move we've done in 8 years. But since Stuart just starting working two months ago, he's not really in a position to ask off.
So two weekends it is.
This past weekend, the goal was simple: PACK THE HOUSE.
And that is precisely what we did.
We packed the entire house.
Then loaded up all 40+ boxes and brought them to my parent's house.
It was fast and furious but it's done.
All that's left is the big furniture, which Stuart and his father are going to go back for this coming weekend.
SO....baring any craziness found upon inspection or a meteor falling thru our roof, we will no longer be homeowners. {this makes me very happy}