12 March 2009


Nothing good comes from having a rainy morning.
Yesterday was no exception. We didn't really have much to do, just go to the optometrist for my follow-up on my trial contacts. For some reason Stuart thought it would work best for me to pick him up at work (he had a separation physical) and then we would all drive to Wal Mart (location of the optometrist) and he would stay in the car with the boys while I ran in. It began according to plan.
After waiting for 10 minutes and being seen for 2 minutes, I darted out of the office and ran into the mega store to buy some milk (for the millionth time this month). BTW, anyone else creeped out by how close the optometrist has to get to your face? I mean, I know he has to do his job but there's a bubble that I like to keep around me and when that bubble breaks it usually ensures screaming, flailing of arms and legs and complete chaos. When I headed out the door and was blasted with the cold air, I noted that our vehicle with my family was nowhere. Come on, it's freezing! I dug my phone out of the purse and called.....no answer. Where are y'all? Redial. "Honey, I'm done and outside. Where are you?"
"Oh, we're in the store. We'll be right out."
Geez. So, I return inside to the nice toastiness of the overhead heaters and hear the screaming. It was Tyson. I knew it. Stuart rounds the corner with boys boys and Tyson can barely walk he is so upset.
"What's wrong?"
"I told him I would buy him some candy. The one he picked out, I didn't want to buy so he got mad and I said 'no candy then.'"
Are you kidding me? Why did you leave the van? And candy? Before nap time?
We proceed to load up our now screaming, traumatized, glare-from-other-people-inducing, yes-that's-my-child-screaming-and-I'm-not-doing-anything-about-it-now child(ren) into their seats and head back to the base to return my almost-done-with-the-AF (like a matter of weeks till he gets out) husband. After we pull thru the gate, Stu turns to Tyson (who is no hyperventilating from crying so hard) and says,
"Do you want to go into the store with daddy and pick out some different candy?"
You have got to be on something man!
"Yes! Daddy!"
I can no longer contain my utter disdain.
"I promised him candy. I put him in a really bad situation in the other store. Too many choices. It's a wonder he didn't throw himself on the ground and shriek."
The men return moments later with candy bars. BARS. I have no words.
We get home still in tact.
I open the bedroom door to let the dogs out and am hit by poly-fill. Everywhere.

Apparently Scout + new Ikea chair (with no cover because my lovely husband took it off to wash it but didn't so it was just left naked) + alone in the bedroom = anxiety attack. And yes, I know we should have put her in a kennel. Trust me, I know. (I do have pictures but I have no clue where my cord is to connect my camera to the computer. Maybe she ate that too. Hmm.) This day seriously sucks.
Luckily nap time was not as horrendous as I previously supposed. Thank goodness.
But this crappy weather has left us stranded inside. How is it fair that we had a week of 70's and shorts and now it's raining, dark and a high, yes high of 38? Not cool weather man.
To add to the demise of my house, Scout woke up this morning and had quite a treat eating thru some electrical cords. How this dog did not get electrocuted, I don't know. How's she's going to live thru the day, I don't know either (I'm not going to hurt my dog...). Plus the boys had a fantastic time disassembling their train table. Hope you had fun boys! Bye, bye table!
I think it's time for some aspirin.


Brittany Skloss said...

These are the days....

Amy said...

Hope your day gets better. Maybe it's the weather change that's got everyone loopy. What's Stu going to do after he gets out?

Jennifer W. said...

If some of these days are the days of our lives I think I might not live as long as I would like.