11 May 2009

Getting ready

Luke Herman Chisholm was born this evening.
He was delivered via c-section to help ensure his safety. Weighing in at 5 lbs 10 oz, he was much bigger than expected. Luke wasn't breathing when drs delivered him and he immediately underwent tests on his heart. As for now, cardiologists are holding off on surgery and treating him with meds.
My sister and I got to see momma and she is doing remarkably well given the circumstances. My cousin, David is glad delivery is over but still very concerned for Luke. He did get to travel with the baby to the NICU and hopefully momma got to go and see him tonight as well.
Please keep this sweet family in your prayers!

It was a great Mother's Day weekend (more later) and now I am getting ready to head to Dallas for a couple of days (yay!).
Would you please say a prayer for my cousin and his wife? They are being induced today. This is their first child and first grandchild for my aunt and uncle. This baby boy also happens to be the first Chisholm boy born in awhile (my cousin was the only boy Chisholm between my dad and his brother; my dad had three girls and my uncle had two girls and one boy). He's been very sick and the dr.s aren't quite sure what's going to happen when he comes into this world.
I can't wait to see my sister, brother-in-law and sweet niece! Plus I get to see some cousins, aunt and uncle...fun times!
Here's something to pacify you while I'm gone:


Brittany Skloss said...

Tucker's face is so funny! These are the pictures you'll look back on, remember these days and laugh!

AutumnJade said...

Let us know how the birth goes!