21 May 2009

Luke Chisholm Update

This is a letter Luke's mom posted today about his current status. Please be in constant prayer for this sweet family!

Hopefully this won't be as long as my "weekly" updates that I share with all of you on Luke, but I just wanted to let you know about the last few days and ask for some specific prayer warrioring.
Tuesday, the neonatologist came in and talked with me while David was out in the lobby trying to get a little sermon work in. The neonatologist talked with me about Luke's prognosis, saying that Luke's medical situation is very unique and very very serious. We knew that, but he indicated that Luke's prognosis is worse than we had talked about before.
Luke is having quite a bit of trouble breathing. We keep having to raise the level of oxygen he's getting through his ventilator, and we don't really know why. Monday and Monday night was particularly bad. The neonatologist wanted David and I to know that while we of course had the option of pursuing every medical treatment available, he also wanted us to know that we have the option of doing nothing. We have the option of taking him home and letting him die peacefully without putting him through months of NICU, tubes, IVs, surgeries, etc. The doctor was very kind as he was saying this, and eventually we figured out that he just wanted us to know that the medical staff would not judge us if and when we decide to "stop" pursuing medical treatment and take him home.
That sounds a whole lot like giving up to me.
So, David and I spent abou 24 hours seriously thinking about what if we lost our precious baby boy. It didnt' take long for us to decide that we would do everything in our power to help him get well, no matter the time or financial cost, as long as Luke has even a very slim chance at a normal life. But have again been slapped in the face with the possible reality that Luke might not make it through surgeries #1, #2, or #3. We spent a long time in tears and in silence and in prayer.
Yesterday afternoon we finally got to speak with Luke's cardiologist, Dr. Kao. She told us that our plan of three surgeries hasn't changed. His heart hasn't changed from the past tests she has done. We're still going to follow the plan. She said it is too early to tell what kind of prognosis Luke really has, but she was quite positive and hopeful that she and Dr. Mendeloff (the surgeon) can give Luke a pretty good shot at a normal life. Her idea about Luke's breathing is that it's possible that his heart (right atrium) is so enlarged that it is pressing on his bronchial tubes or trachea and making it difficult for Luke to get good oxygen flow. She said that if Luke has another bad day like Monday, she will do a CAT scan of his chest and then decide how to proceed. Yesterday and today have been pretty good days so far.
I am reminded that these doctors, as kind and as brilliant as the are, may not realize that God is in control of this situation. We weren't even supposed to make it to 26 weeks, remember? We made it to 38 weeks and 3 days - full term. God has continually surprised and delighted us with his mercy and provision. I fully believe that he's not about to stop now. We pray that God's glory and power is shown to both believers and non-believers alike, and we will know that the LORD is God.
Please pray for Luke's breathing. Pray that he will need less and and less extra oxygen to keep him stable, and that he will be able to breathe normally. Pray that whatever is causeing his breathing difficulties, whether it's the size of his heart or something else, is healed without medical intervention. Pray that God's will is done in the timing of his surgeries. Pray for strength and courage and faith for all three of us.
We love you.
Thanks for praying,
Rachael & David