28 May 2009

When in doubt, brake

I openly admit that I am not a good driver. I am not a bad driver, but not good none-the-less. So it was with much apprehension that I drove home this Monday. We were coming back home in two vehicles so I really had no choice. I must also warn you that I can not drive long distances at night. It just doesn't work. I get sleepy and...yeah. Not good. But I drove and thus compiled a list of sorts.

Things I surmised while driving home for 8 hours:

  1. People who don't use cruise control are dumb.
  2. The car that's behind the person not using cruise control that won't pass therefore causing 9 cars to pile up is also dumb, very dumb. And irritating.
  3. People that brake incessantly on the highway are dumb. Keep an appropriate distance between you and the car in front of you. Better yet, use your cruise control.
  4. People who drive motorcycles without helmets get what's coming. I'm not endorsing hitting a man on a motorcycle and then laughing at him, I'm just saying he's dumb for not wearing a helmet.
  5. US 281 N is pretty much the most boring drive ever.
  6. Trying to convince your 3 year old son who just learned how to pee in the potty to use a public bathroom is not fun. Especially when you have his 2 year old brother trying to lay down on the said bathroom floor. Yuck!
  7. Am I the only person that still employs the "nice-Texas-drivers-pull-onto-the-shoulder-so-that-the-speeding-car-behind-you-can-pass" law? Maybe it's not law but I still like it.
  8. Ford Rangers with smoke stacks are dumb.
  9. Small towns that make you slow from 70 to 55 to 45 to 35 mph are dumb.
  10. There are only 2 Starbucks between San Antonio and Wichita Falls. This is dumb.


Raena said...

6- haha! yeah sometimes i wanna spray halle with sanitizer :)

9 - that is a speed trap

glad you are safely home though!!!

Jennifer W. said...

I like your list. It's NOT dumb.

Brooke said...

Only 2 Starbucks in 8 hours? That's not dumb, it's inhumane!

AutumnJade said...

7-that should be a law!

4-makes me mad! I feel sorry for their families.


Missed seeing you :(