29 April 2011


I took my penny bag(s) to the coin machine and ended up with $30.66.
Stuart said I should have just taken them to the bank.
But that would have required driving to the bank, taking the kids inside the very nice lobby and having a panic attack about what they could or could not break in a 5 minute window.
So I settled for the easier, although taxed way (I actually ended up with $33.98 but had to pay for use of the coin machine)

Tyson and I are having a lovely go of allergies.
He threw up three times yesterday but I think they were all from coughing too much.

Turbo has a flea allergy.
Who knew?
After a costly visit to the vet, a shot, two prescriptions, and a heart worm/flea preventative,
we can now add another member of our family who is allergic to Texas.

Today is trash day which has absolutely no consequence to you but the boys LOVE to watch the trash truck come and pick up the trash can, so I felt like sharing.

Can you say a prayer for my friend Jessica and her husband? They have decided to adopt from Reece's Rainbow and I could not be more excited for them! (Andrea, this would be a perfect blog friend for you!)
Their journey is just beginning and I know that God has it all planned for them and their soon-to-be son!