22 April 2011

Easter Presents

{on our way to Uncle Dr. J's office}

Tyson: Mommy, I want the Lego construction Tucker crane for Easter.
Me: Oh really?
Tucker: You can't have a Tucker crane!
Tyson: Yes I can! That's what I'm getting for Easter!
Me: Tucker, Tyson CAN have a Tucker crane. Tyson, I'm not so sure that a giant Lego crane is going to fit into your Easter basket.
Tyson: Well, I think that's what I want.
Me: Ok.
Tucker: I want a baby in a present!
Me: Oh, like the gold baby we got out of the King Cake?
Tucker: NO!!! I want a REAL baby in a present.
Me: A Real baby? In a present?
Tucker: Yes! I want a REAL baby.
Tyson: Like a baby sister!
Me: Oh no.