10 April 2011

Padre Island Take 2

Last Saturday we woke up and reality hit us square in the face. We have SO MUCH to do on this house. Namely, install the microwave, install the dryer (which finally came!), paint, finish decorating, etc. With all the joy looming over our heads we decided to take a break and head to Padre Island again. I know, we are the masters at procrastination!
This time was completely different than the first time the boys saw the ocean. For one, the water was warm. Two, there were lots and lots of other sun goers out and about and taking all the good parking spots. But fun we had and the boys got to play in the sand and go out "really far!" in the ocean.

It was pretty fantastic AND we stopped and ate at Snoopy's on the way home. (And now I want some shrimp)


Amanda said...

I just noticed that I am at the top of the list of Blogs you frequent! I know, it's alphabetical, but let me bask in my moment of glory! :D

I totally feel you on the procrastination, though I know you will feel better when everything in your home is in order. :)

It looks like you guys had beautiful skies and seas for your adventure! Glad you were able to enjoying a mini-vaca!