21 April 2011

In Other News

Tyson is completely and totally registered for Kindergarten.
My heart has not stopped spasming every time I think about how grown up he is.
We closed on our house.
We are homeowners two times over now.
Tyson also has pink eye.
Uncle Dr. J confirmed that yesterday along with the fact that Tyson has chigger bites and the impetigo that he had a few months ago.
This also means that Tucker will probably have pink eye shortly.
Turbo has some nasty stuff going on as well.
My SIL thinks it might be skin allergies and/or skin allergies from flee bites.
I think we just need to fumigate the entire house (that is now ours!).
Rachael wrote a new update on Luke. 
You can read it here.
We have a jam packed weekend;
which unfortunately does no include any home projects.
Oh, and my charming husband got to fly to OKC in his company's jet.
Yeah, he's a high roller now.