06 April 2011


My computer died.
As in it won't work.
At all.
I dropped it yesterday in a dash to pick up Tucker, who had fallen off the couch.
It's never good to drop your computer.
But it is REALLY bad to drop it when your fix-it husband is spending the night at work and can't try to revive the comatose google-machine.
I tried everything in my very limited brain to make it do something, anything, but I failed.
And to add insult to injury, my sister's wedding pictures are now viewable and I am unviewable.
It's a very sad day.


Brittany said...

I reorganized my pantry today and I sure could have used your help! I thought about how much you love to organize. Maybe you could start your own business and come help non-organizers like me! Sorry about your computer- what a bummer.