25 April 2011

Easter Part I

Our weekend began on Friday night with a fabulous birthday party for a hip little 3 year old. Tucker decided that the party hat was a must have even the next morning.
Saturday we headed to my sister and brother-in-law's for an Easter Celebration. The boys love going to their house because they have a big backyard and their cousin T has different Legos then they have.
As soon as we arrived, the boys spotted the zip line and it became the thing to do.

{pardon my sideways videos}

While the daddies hid eggs in the backyard, the mommies wrangled kids in the front yard while my SIL read about Easter.
Yup, that's Tucker with his basket on his head.
Oh my gracious, I just love these boys!
Waiting in line to get some eggs.
Egg hunting and checking out their finds.
The day continued to the lake where we "freed" the turtle that Stuart brought home {it was hanging out on the highway and he clearly couldn't just leave it there}.

Day two coming....


Brittany said...

How lucky are y'all to have such a fun Easter celebration at your in-law's?! It sounds like a ton of fun! And the boys look adorable!