09 April 2011

All is well

Stu came back from the south and took one long look at my poor computer and proclaimed what I already knew but was hoping was really not true, my computer was a goner.
You have no idea how much this hurt.
Not because I was out of the technology loop but because there were some very important things on that computer:
It's crazy, I know.
You would think that we would have learned after that last time something similar to this happened and I lost 6 months worth of pictures to constantly back up my computer.
But I haven't.
And I just knew that this nightmare was starting all over again.
Fortunately, my husband being the awesome man that he is was able to recover just about everything off of my hard drive.
I have no idea how he knows how to do the things that he does, but he does and I am so thankful for that.
So...last night Stu made his way to a local store and came home with a nice, brand new laptop.
And so today I have been navigating the waters of newness.
It's completely clean and without defuncked keys.
It's shiny.
The screen is clean.
All my pictures have been transferred over.
My favorites didn't make the switch but that's ok.
If I could find the cord for my phone, I would take a picture of this beauty but that will just have to come later.
For now, the world is getting back to normal.