15 April 2011

A Letter

Dear house,

Could you kindly go ahead and put yourself together?
There are only a few minor things:

That would be great.
Oh and while you're at it, can you go ahead and do the laundry, iron, and clean the bathrooms?
You're the best!



Andrea said...

All that after all your hard work getting the other house together. Why do we do that to ourselves, wait until it's time to move to make all the improvements we wanted for so all. Hope your new house is ready to welcome you soon!

Brittany said...

Of all the things on your list, I think painting Tyson and Tucker might be the hardest! Good luck with that one. But seriously, I TOTALLY feel your pain on the whole getting a new house in order thing. I'm sure my blog will be getting plenty of posts about all of our to-do lists soon. It feels like a never-ending process! Good luck!

Me and My Boys said...

Hahahaha! Thanks Brittany! That might be a little difficult but I'll see what I can do. :P